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Matcha swirl milk bread

By on February 3, 2017
matcha swirl sliced

This Matcha swirl milk bread is unlike any other because it has Matcha spread swirled into the middle! The Matcha swirl adds a nice earthy flavor to the loaf without being overpowering it or adding too much Matcha flavor. If you don’t care for Matcha, use vanilla extract or cacao powder in the condensed milk […]

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Prana ProactivChia review: How to use chia seeds

By on November 18, 2015

 I love chia seeds. I mean, how could you not? They are like nature’s sprinkles and you can basically add them to anything and everything without impacting the taste of your food! So you can only imagine how excited I was when I received the opportunity to try out the Proactivchia from Prana! The thing […]

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Minute rice + apple pie rice pudding recipe!

By on May 10, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I attended yet another web event and this time it was for Minute Rice®! Being that I live in an Asian household, I had never come across minute rice before because it was just never used in my house. We always cooked rice from scratch in our rice cooker and […]

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Cream puffs (matcha, nutella, black sesame, vanilla, chocolate, banana)

By on November 14, 2014

Cream puffs. Glorious cream puffs. How could something that looks so innocent be so difficult and technical to make? But I guess, this is what they mean when they say hard work pays off. At first, they might seem challenging because the pate a choux pastry and custard cream can go array in a blink […]

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Coconut mango tarts (gluten free)

By on August 15, 2014

Hello hello Fiesta Friday lovelies! I’ve been trying my hand at gluten free desserts again this week and seeing that the mangoes I had at home were getting super ripe, I decided that I wanted to make something mango related. But as much as I love mango pudding, I didn’t want to go the easy […]

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Easy 3 ingredient Japanese cotton cheese cake (gluten free)

By on July 13, 2014

There’s a more traditional way of making Japanese cotton cheesecake where you need to use cake flour and a bunch of other ingredients but I didn’t have any cake flour in the house so I cheated a little and made this much simpler version of it with half the ingredients!Huntress said that “cotton” reminded her […]

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Mango pudding (clean eats/vegan)

By on June 2, 2014

Mango pudding is one my favorite Asian dessert treats but it’s typically made with lots of cream and sugar so I tend to stay away from it when I can. Unfortunately sometimes my cravings get the best of me and I have to give in somehow. I’ve made chocolate pudding with avocado before (recipe here) […]

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