Clif kids zbar review

February 15, 2016
clifkid zbar

A few months back, I found out that Costco stopped selling my go-to chia seed granola bars. Upon discovering such terrible news, I was devastated!

Costco was the only place that sold them and they were gone!

clifkid zbar

My disappointment came less from the fact that they didn’t carry them anymore and more from the realization that I had to go out and find a new go-to granola bar.

I’m one of those people who don’t like very sweet things and unfortunately, 90% of the granola bars on the market tend to be too sweet for me.

So imagine my surprise when I found the perfect new go-to granola bar on my first try branching out!

What did I try?

The Clif KIDS zBar!

variety pack clifkid zbar

Yes, it’s a granola bar for kids but I like to think of myself as a kid at heart and these bars were absolutely delicious.

They’re almost 100% organic, tastes just like a cookie, has real ingredients, amazing nutritionals and they’re naturally sweetened. So what’s not to love?

nutrition clifkid zbar

The variety pack I got included the chocolate brownie, chocolate chip and iced oatmeal. They come in other flavors too but I haven’t seen them around, as a matter of fact I’ve never seen Clif kids bars prior to the day I found these.

In addition to the natural ingredients found in these bars, the other thing I love about them is the texture. They’re chewier than most granola bars I’ve tried and remind me of the type of “chew” you would get if you were eating a soft cookie.


Iced oatmeal:

This bar has the highest caloric value out of the three bars at 140 calories each while the other two have 130 calories. It’s not a significant difference but I found it interesting to because this one seemed to have the least ingredients. It had hints of cinnamon in it which reminded me of an oatmeal raisin cookie so perhaps it would of been nice if there were actual raisins in there instead of date paste? It definitely reminded me of an oatmeal cookie though!


Chocolate chip:

I absolutely adored the mini chocolate chips in this bar because I got a bunch of them in every bite. They definitely didn’t skimp on the chocolate with this one. I swear there were more chocolate chips in it than oats! I’m not complaining though because you can never have enough chocolate. Even though this bar has the same amount of sugar as the oatmeal, I almost felt as though this one was sweeter because of all the chocolate chips.


I liked this one better than the full size chocolate chip Clif bar because not only could I finish the whole bar in one sitting since the serving size was smaller but compared to the adult version, the kids zbars have more natural ingredients and sweetners in it! If you’re interested, the nutrition facts for the adult version of the chocolate chip Clif bar are below

Chocolate brownie:

The brownie one is my favorite out of the three and it also has 1g less sugar than the other two. Did it really remind me of a brownie? Yes and no. The oatmeal flakes in it are noticeable and similarly to the other two bars, it’s chewy in texture so it’s not really like a cake-y brownie. However, if you BAKE this bar in the oven, then it’s a whole ‘nother story because goodness is it delicious baked!


I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on another box of these and wish that they were more accessible in stores because I definitely want to try more flavors! They also have a protein bar version of these in the States!

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note: this was not a sponsored post and everything was purchased on my own.

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