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DIY: (mini) cake in a box

September 2, 2013

It was a cloudy day and having nothing much to do, lil’ bun and I decided to finally try out the cake in the box DIY project I got for her on my travels. Once opened we’re completely confused by the amount of little packages on the inside…


Then somehow with our somewhat amazing ability to deduce problems, we realize you mix one of the big packages with some water into some sort of batter…


We were then supposed to microwave it…we didn’t know for how long though, that part wasn’t exactly clear on the package so we just experimented with 10seconds at a time because no one wants burnt cake!


Now it was time for some icing! mix mix mix mix mix. Yay pink!


Next was making gummies…out of some sort of mysterious powder? We were doubtful I mean how would it coagulate since it was so liquidy when we mixed it, but it worked. Magic? I think not, more like the amazing Japanese and their “technology,” which in hindsight I realize how many possible chemicals would of been consumed if I ate it.


Anyhow, after an hour of trying to figure out how to get it to work and decorating, we were left with the cutest little two tier cake ever. (: Am I seriously the only one who thinks that the gummy jelly things are amazing?


I didn’t eat it because lil’ bun was really protective over it since she worked hard on making it all prettied up. From what I CAN tell you though, the cake sponge part smelled really vanilla sweet as did the icing but that’s normal for icing. The gummies had a strawberry scent to them as well. It was a nice little project for a rainy day, next time we make…mini burgers!

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