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Coconut-lime chicken strips

August 12, 2014

Lil’ bun is finally back and after a long 6 weeks of going without more Western cuisine, she was having an inkling for chicken strips/chicken tenders! And let’s be honest, chicken strips from fast food joints and the frozen food aisle are definitely not the healthiest things out there because most of the time they are latent with lots of icky icky chemicals :(. So why not make it at home right? Because let’s be honest here, they aren’t too difficult or time consuming to make! I mean I think this whole batch only took me half an hour to make? Not including the time I let the chicken marinade for of course, but you can always marinade the chicken the night before or the morning you plan to make it and just whip it out at night to use! I decided to coat my chicken in coconut flakes to give it that crispy texture on the outside but I heard that corn flakes work amazing as a gluten free breading too!


Ingredients (serves 2-3)

2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into strips
seasonings of your choice ( I used salt, pepper, red pepper and a little bit of lime zest.)
1 cup flour (rice flour, bread crumbs, corn flour, or any gluten free alternative works as well!)
1/2 cup milk of choice
1 large egg
1 cup unsweetened flaked coconut

Cooking time!

1. Marinade your chicken in your seasonings. Let your chicken sit for at least an hour to let the flavors sink in.

2. Prepare your mixtures for dredging your chicken by putting the flour in a bowl, whisking your egg + milk together in another and lastly, place your coconut flakes on a plate.

3. Put your chicken in the flour to coat it. Then dip in in your egg/milk mixture and lastly roll it in the coconut flakes. I found it easier to do this with a pair of chopsticks because otherwise your hands get all gooey from touching all the mixtures!

4. Lightly coat your frying pan with oil (coconut oil works great here because it enhances the coconut!). Heat the oil on medium heat until it begins to bubble, then place your chicken in the pan. Cook each side until they are golden brown and cooked thoroughly (this should take about 5 minutes on one side).


5. Transfer your chicken strips onto a plate with a paper towel on top to soak up some of the excess oil. Serve with sweet chili sauce if you like.


Note: If you don’t end up cooking off all your chicken tenders, you can always freeze them and store then in the freezer until you’re ready to use them!

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