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Our growing edge March 2015 round up

April 8, 2015

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I have been given the honor of hosting the monthly Our Growing Edge link up party run bour-growing-edge-badgey the ever so lovely Genie over at Bunny.Eats.Design for the month of March!

What’s the link up all about you ask? Well, let me tell you. As it’s name suggests, it’s all about growing. It’s a place where you, me, and all bloggers alike can have an opportunity to share their new foodie experiences whether it be via trying a new recipe or braving it out and trying a new cuisine all together. Here we share our new accomplishments and inspire each other to continue to grow every day. If you’re someone who’s just as adventurous as I am, which I know you all are, share your experiences with us in April’s party!

Anyways, I promise we’re all friendly and don’t bite! Well…most of the time we don’t, but if you start eating all the delicious treats we have in store for you, I might have to give you a nibble or two 😉 But to entice you to join us further, here are all the amazing treats we had this past month
The appetizers
Casual ramblings decided to try making healthy alternatives to potato chips. This post caught my attention because we all know that I’m a complete healthy food junkie and am always looking out for new recipes! I’ve never heard of Kumara before and that is a first for me because I thought I knew all the vegetables out there! I will definitely need to look into trying this veggie out some time!



On that veggieful note, look at the peach, pancetta, and asparagus salad Dsbistro shared. Talk about the perfect recipe to welcome spring! I usually put strawberries in my salads but have never thought to put in peaches before…perhaps it’ll be something I’ll have to try as soon as peaches are in season here in Vancouver.


Genie over at bunnyeatsdesign played right into my cravings for Mexican when she brought these fish tacos and I absolutely agree with her. A taco isn’t a taco unless it has a soft tortilla, and the perfect amount of fish, salad and condiments on the inside. I’m sure her recipe makes enough for 4 servings, but I think I’m going to eat all 4 of them at once because they look so addictive in her photos. Speaking of which, she has recently decided to join the club. The Instagram club that is. She says that she has always thought of herself as a “one post a week” kind of girl but now she’s totally addicted!@bunnyeatsdesign is definitely worth the follow and I look forward to having more of her gorgeous photos flooding my feed @eatmunchlove!

The breads

This next one was definitely something I haven’t seen before. Diana over at disturbinglydelicious brought a traditional Romanian dessert called “Mucenici.” From what I gather it’s a bread roll that’s topped with a honey based syrup and chopped walnuts. It’s eaten once a year on March 9th, to celebrate the 40 Martyrs of Sevastia. I can only imagine how delightful they smell and fluffy they are.


On the note of all things bread, Ash brought these fluffy brioche dough based doughnuts. Like me, Ash is a brioche lover and will do anything to accomplish her baking “kneads”! Even if it means making dough at 10pm before bed. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right? Those doughnuts aren’t going to make themselves and if anyone has anything to say about it, then…I guess we can have them all to ourselves when they’re done right? 😉 I’ve never made doughnuts with a brioche dough before, nevermind fry them, but perhaps I have been inspired to try doing so…or at least try to make these as baked donut holes!


So we saw some baked bread, fried bread, and now we have, steamed bread! Meat filled Hello Kitty steamed buns by dosirakbento to be exact. These are prefect for all Sanrio and Hello Kitty lovers alike. Unfortunately I don’t think that I would have the patience to execute each and every one of these buns but I wouldn’t mind it if dosirakbento sent me a dozen or three to munch on 😉


The drinks…
Even though I don’t drink, I learned so much about beer this month from Chandler over at thechefwithredshoes. A lot of my foodie friends are all about the beers and stouts and whenever we are out I have no clue as to what they are talking about because I don’t drink beer and don’t find the smell of it very appealing. What I can do however, is admire the intricate art of beer and debunk silly beliefs about beers people around me have. I mean, did you know that there isn’t any correlation between color and alcohol content? So no worries all you dark stout lovers out there!


The entrees
I’m no stranger to rice noodles because I’m a total noodle soup junkie but I am new to the idea of making my own from scratch. But Simona over at pulcetta is able to make them so effortlessly and I’m truly envious of this talent of hers. I mean, let’s just take a moment to admire how amazingly perfect they look!
 homemade bun rice noodle soup / IMG_2887
Oh my goodness. riceandkai is a pure genius. Who would of thought you could make DIY instant noodles by simply putting precooked noodles, veggies and soup stock in a jar? I sure didn’t. I’m definitely going to have to bookmark this idea and make a bunch of them to bring to school/work for lunch some time!

Homemade instant noodles

I’m always up for new recipes but thibeef and egg stir frys beef and egg stirfry by searchingforspice left me nostalgic because it’s a dish that I grew up eating. With that being said, I’ve never actually made it myself and didn’t even know that it used black bean sauce as it’s base! Now I know what I can do with the giant jar of it I have lying around. Hurray for using up abandoned fridge items!


Tagliatelle with Caramelized Orange and Almonds, plus Seared Duck Breast - Salty Sweet Life


I loved the way Tracey wrote about her tagliatelle with caramelized orange, almond and seared duck breast. She talked about the history of the pasta and it was as if I was making it with her in the kitchen. Like her, I found it interesting that the recipe for the sauce didn’t call for a single tomato and used sugar as it’s base instead! Talk about putting a spin on sweet and savory!




Holly is another cook that I was envious of this month. She made these beautifully looking fiocchetti noodles that were stuffed with pear, walnuts and ricotta from scratch. I’ve never heard of this type of pasta before and they remind of dumplings because they are made similarly. And I think that this is going to be yet another fruit and veggie combination that I’m going to have to try.

And we can’t forget the desserts…

Andre over at andresthehomebaker  brought these amazing PB and J cornmeal biscotti AND cakes. Talk about recipe versatility! Is there anything that PB and J can’t be incorporated into to? Oh what I’d give to bite into one of those cakes right now…and the biscotti would go so perfect with the latte I’m currently sipping on too!

But wait, there’s more. Wait what? You mean there’s more deliciousness Yup, this girl’s got more deliciousness up her sleeve! Below are her mini matcha strawberry bundt cakes. Aren’t they the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Hmm…matcha in my pantry? Check. Strawberries in the fridge? Check. Whipped cream at the nearby grocery store? Check. Adorable mini bundt cake pans? NOT CHECK. 🙁 Well, now I know what I’m going to spend my next paycheck on! But bundt cake moulds or not, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one of these!

Speaking of strawberries, thedreambaker made the most gorgeous looking chocolate and strawberry filled chiffon cake I’ve ever seen in my life. Chocolate AND strawberries? YES PLEASE!
In addition to her amazing ability to make my Melody shaped cakes, she’s just as wonderful at making my melody filled french sable cookies. Although, she calls herself an amateur self taught baker, if I didn’t know better, I would of thought she’s gone to a pastry class or three. I could really learn a thing or two from her. Congrats again on the one year blogiversery!
I’m sure most of you have seen my Japanese cotton cheesecake post by now but here’s it again for all of you that missed it! It’s texture is similar to a souffle so it’s nice and fluffy soft; hence the name cotton cheese cake! This cottony texture comes from the fact that the cake is made similarly to how you would make a sponge cake or souffle where you need to make a meringue and fold ingredients into it.
japanese cotton cheesecake
 Keep on eating, munching, and loving everyone,


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