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Fit chat: teatox (Matefit)

May 12, 2014

I’ve always been interested in teas and detox so I figured why not try and do a tea-tox? There are a bunch of teatoxes out there but they all claim to help with bloating, reset your body and clear out the toxins that have been building up in your system. Don’t hold me to this but I think that teatoxes are more popular in the UK and Australia because a majority of the teatox companies are located there. Anyways, I decided to go with the matefit one because 1) the shipping price was decent since it was a US based company, 2) it came with the most volume of tea for the price it was and 3) it was on sale and I can never turn one down.


I decided to get a 14 day teatox because 2 weeks seemed like it would be a decent amount of time to receive at least a few noticeable benefits from it. My mini teatox kit took a week and a half to arrive and it came with two bags of metabolic boost tea, a bag of detox tea, instructions and a bunch of tea filters. I didn’t end up using any of the tea filters though because I have my own handy dandy tea steeper to separate the tea leaves for me. The instructions that came in the package told you how you should drink the teas and the ingredients in each one which was nice but it didn’t mention what you should be eating throughout the teatox. That information can be found online on the Matefit site but basically you should be eating clean and exercising at least 30 minutes a day.


The metabolic boost tea is supposed to consumed 15 – 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch everyday to relieve bloating, raise energy levels and rev up your metabolism. The tea contained organic yerba mate, sechung oolong, pinhead gunpowder tea, angelica root powder, guarana seed powder, alfalfa leaf cut, licorice root and a hint of stevia for sweetness. I thought that this tea was pretty tolerable because it has stevia added to it. With that being said, unless you’re a fan of straight unflavored tea, you won’t like it very much because it tends to be on the “grassy” side.


Unlike the metabolic tea, the detox tea is meant to be consumed every other night after dinner or before bed. I absolutely dreaded drinking this tea because it was much too herbal for my taste and it was just not my cup of tea. If it wasn’t for this teatox I would probably never drink this type of tea but for the sake of this review post, I stuck it out and drank it 7 times. If you’re curious as to what was in it, it contained all these (not so) lovely ingredients…organic dandelion root, peppermint leaf, organic rosemary leaf, organic senna leaf powder, organic motherworth herb, organic cinnamon, organic black pepper, organic ginger root, organic hibiscus, organic nettle leaf, organic rhubarb root, organic blessed thistle, organic lemon grass and organic grapefruit peel.

IMG_20140504_174512Now then, here’s the final verdict:

The good

  • it’s pretty affordable and ends up being about 90 cents a cup of tea
  • easy to follow “program”
  • most of the ingredients in the teas are organic
  • comes with convenient tea filters for those who don’t own tea steepers

The bad

  • the teas are an acquired taste
  • you have to be dedicated to drinking it every day for two weeks
  • the senna leaf in the detox tea may act as a laxative for some people
  • you need to be plan ahead because it does take time since you have to WAIT 15 – 30 minutes BEFORE eating

Would I do it again?

  • Probably not. Why? Well, the main reason is because I like variety and drinking the metabolic tea twice a day for two weeks got boring fast. I think I was already tired of it by the fourth day and the detox tea which I really didn’t like didn’t help much either. I ended up convincing myself to finish the two weeks of it because I was already almost half way through and I figured I might as well be a trooper. Plus, knowing that this would somehow be good for me and my body helped keep me going. Unfortunately, by the end of it all, I didn’t end up seeing any noticeable change in the amount of bloating I had.
  • Basically, I almost feel as though this was a bit of a waste of time and money. But, just because this particular teatox didn’t work out for me doesn’t mean that a different teatox program won’t nor does it mean that this teatox won’t work for anyone else because our body chemistry, activity levels and diets are all different. HOWEVER, I doubt I’m ever going to do another teatox because I get bored much too quickly and would rather have a variety of teas.
  • Basically, I think I’m going to stick with having my DavidsTea (because as you can see, I’m pretty dedicated to their teas). I mean I already ADORE their organic the skinny tea and organic detox teas which help with bloating already so I’m just going to turn to those when I feel like I need a good ol’ teatox.


Note: This is not a sponsored post and I bought these off the matefit site with my own money.

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