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Yuu Japanese Tapas

June 26, 2017

Guess who’s back in beautiful, gorgeous, sunny Vancouver? Me!

And of course, the first thing we had to get was Japanese food 🙂 I have a bias towards going to Gyo-O when it comes to Japanese cuisine at continental plaza but we decided to go to Yuu Japanese Tapas instead this time.

From the outside of the restaurant you never would of guessed that it was as big as it was on the inside. It was very spacious on the inside and the decor suited the environment. I loved the lantern lights they had!

Mother deer, lil’ bun and I decided to get two items to share because I wasn’t feeling very hungry after my long flight and the two of them already nibbled at the snacks I brought back for them.

Originally we were going to choose a ramen and a rice dish for some variety but lil’ bun is absolutely obsessed with ramen eggs so we ended up getting two bowls of ramen instead!

Shio chashu ramen

Mother deer said that this broth was not as rich as when she tried the Tonkotsu a while back so she was quite disappointed. With that being said, it was heavy on the soy sauce flavor which is to be expected in a shio ramen. It wasn’t overly salty either. The slices of chashu were thick and fall-apart tender. I would say the ramen noodles were a bit too soft for my liking since I like my ramen to be on the chewy side but otherwise pretty good!

Tomato chicken ramen

We wanted to try something other than a pork bone broth based ramen so we decided to go with this tomato one. It reminded me of asian tomato corn soup because it was so tart from the tomatoes that were in it. There was quite a bit of marinated chicken thigh in there as well. I think it was a soy and garlic based marinade because you could taste it in the chicken…except I don’t necessarily think that it suited the flavor profile of the ramen itself. I don’t think we would get this one again but lil’ bun sure enjoyed the ramen egg!

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