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Van dragon

March 28, 2017
food at van dragon

I rarely ever go out for dim sum but I was back visiting home and a few of mother deer’s friends wanted to take me out for brunch so we decided to go. Originally we were going to Golden Lake but it was packed so we went to Van dragon further down Hastings instead.

food at van dragon

I haven’t been to Van dragon in years so it was different to come back again after so long. The food here isn’t top-notch but it’s passable.

We got the shrimp and leek crystal dumplings, fried fish fillet, pea shoots with bean curd, chicken ginger steamed buns, glutinous rice wraps, and durian glutinous rice balls.

steamed dumplings

This is the inside of the the glutinous rice wrap. The filling was definitely not good. It was really fatty pork inside and very salty as well. I only had a bit of the rice and mushrooms. Disappointed.

chicken rice

I know not everyone is a fan of durian but I’ve been craving it for the longest time so mother deer ordered these for me. The inside is pure durian flesh but the glutinous rice wrap on the outside was not well made at all. It was not chewy and was more tacky/sticky than anything. They definitely used a mixed of flours rather than straight glutinous rice flour.

durian rice ball

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