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Sushi California (kitsilano)

May 25, 2017

I’ve been insanely busy with exams lately so this is going to be a brief one. Plus, I’ve done a review on Sushi California before and we ordered much of the same things so for more details, visit my previous post by clicking here (: To start we decided to get the Spicy tuna sashimi ($8.95) which came to us as a MOUNTAIN. I liked that we had the option of getting the spicy sauce on the side too because that meant that lil’ bun could have some as well. The tuna was pretty decent for what it was worth especially because there was so much of it!


Brother deer decided to try the Granade roll ($3.95) which had chicken terriyaki, lettuce, cucumber, wasabi sauce. Even though both old bean and mother deer said they didn’t really notice the wasabi, it sure was present to lil’ bun who practically spat the piece out after she tried it because it was much too spicy for her little taste buds. But, for those who COULD tolerate it, it was scrumptious.

Lil’ bun picked the Crunch munch toll ($3.95) which was basically a take on B.C. roll because it had cooked salmon, cucumber, mayo, topped with crunchy potato and miso dressing. Everyone at the table enjoyed the potato topping because it reminded us of those oh so delicious hickory stick chips. The fish wasn’t dry and unlike B.C. roll, there was actual salmon inside and not just salmon skin.


I had both the Las vegas roll ($3.95) and box sushi ($4.95) the last time I was here already (click here for more details on them). Everyone thought that the box sushi roll was interesting because we never really get aburi sushi when we go out. However, they all thought it was a little odd that it was served with the rice still warm. It was warm the last time I was here but I thought it was just a one time thing but I guess it’s supposed to be served that way?


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