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Seasons in the Park

February 18, 2014

Grayson visits Seasons every so often for brunch and he adores the food here so much that he insisted that I write about it for him. In addition to the food, he appreciates the classy yet comfortable ambiance of the restaurant.

Grayson gets the steamed mussels with white wine, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs ($15) as a must have every time he goes to the Seasons because they are just that delicious. He said that the white wine sauce really brings out the freshness of the mussels and the tomatoes help add brightness to the dish. I think that this dish is what made Grayson fall in love with mussels.


Grayson felt like having something new and ended up trying the seafood tasting board ($12). The board was beautifully adored with slices of albacore tuna and smoked stealhead, marinated scallops, and smoked prawns. Although Grayson usually goes for the dipping sauces that come with any plate of food, almost shy-ed away from it this time so he could admire the flavor of the seafood. He was glad that he decided to order this plate because it was super delicious. I must also mention that they make each plate to order so that everything remains super fresh!


Grayson also had the pizza margherita ($15) that was topped with bocconcini cheese, tomatoes, and basil. When he told me he tried this I was immediately jealous of him because I absolutely adore margherita pizzas. Anyways, he said that the crust was crispy and wasn’t too thick so each ingredient could still be highlighted on the simple classic pizza. He wasn’t sure what the sauce drizzled on top was but for some reason even though I wasn’t there to try it my foodie inkling is telling me it’s some sort of balsamic reduction (but I could be horribly wrong). Well, it doesn’t really matter what the sauce was exactly because the important part was that it tasted wonderful.


The last thing he got was the lobster benedict. I was quite surprised when he told me he got this one because he’s not much of a benedict person. I guess I can understand why he did though since he does enjoy his lobster. The thing about benedicts that steer me away is the vinegary taste the poached eggs usually give off but Grayson said that he didn’t notice it in his benedicts so that’s a good sign. Then again, he doesn’t really notice little things like that as well as I do. He said that there was a good amount of lobster hidden under the perfectly poached eggs and was very appreciative of that. He liked that there was fruit on the side as well even if it was just a few cubes because it helped cut some of the heaviness of the benedicts and the potatoes.

1902941_10153787123320247_2110867883_nOf course, Grayson will be back at Seasons again some time soon for brunch because he leaves satisfied every time he pays them a visit. Now if only I can convince him to bring me there some time so I can get me some of that seafoody and margherita goodness. It’s almost as if he ordered everything I would of gotten if I were there and told me to write about it to let me simmer in foodie envy…oh wait…that IS what he did…

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