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Pocha Korea

December 14, 2016

In between the border between Burquitlam and Coquitlam lies Pocha Korea. If you don’t look closely you’re bound to miss it because it’s nestled in  a little complex just off of Blue Mountain.

The interior is spacious with high ceilings but the bamboo decor and seat covers help give the place a homey feel. The staff were friendly and answered all my lengthy questions about the food they offered here and had no problem filling up our tea pot not once, not twice but three times (Grayson and I just love our barley tea okay)!


Of course I had to get something spicy so I decided to get a bowl of chilled buckwheat noodles (naengmyeon) with skate on it. I had no idea what “skate” was so I asked and turns out it’s a type of fish so I decided to roll with it.

To my surprise skate turns out to be a really boney fish with not very much flesh? It was as though I was eating bones or something….so I wasn’t a huge fan of the fish part but what I did love was the huge pile of kimchi and pickled radish/cucumber I got on top of my noodles! The hot sauce on top was more spicy than sweet which is the way I like it and it even came with a side of vinegar and sesame dressing if you want to adjust the sauce to your liking 🙂


Unlike myself, Grayson is absolutely adverse to anything remotely spicy so he decided to get the grilled pork chop that came with a side of light broth and purple rice.

He was really looking forward to this since he hadn’t had pork chop in a while but he was left disappointed because it was really dry and tough. He said the marinade was good so it could of been great if they cooked it to perfection but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. So he ended up using some of the sauces that came with my meal and his soup to help hydrate it.


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