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The Park at Sands hotel -Dineout Vancouver 2018

January 20, 2018
the park portobello mushroom ravioli

Hello friends and happy weekend! How are you all doing? I’ve been needing some serious TLC lately but the next couple of weeks are going to be busy. Why? Because it’s that time of the year again, time for Dineout Vancouver!

What is Dineout Vancouver? Well, it’s a food festival that happens every year in Vancouver where restaurants offer a three course meal for $20, $30, or $40 depending on the type of food they are offering. Unfortunately, I was unable to go to any last year so this year, I’m going to do my best to go to as many as possible to make up for lost time!

the park live music

The first thing we noticed when we sat down was the live music playing in the background. It was entertaining and everyone got into the vibes but it was hard to talk to anyone at the table.

Shortly after we arrived, we were offered our menus and given (a little too much) time to choose from the selections. They also offer their regular menu if you don’t want to participate in the event.

the park dineout vancouver

We always try to choose different dishes so we have a chance to try them all so this is what we got.

Prawn tacos with slaw and crispy onions: The tortilla wraps were the size of my hand so they were larger than we expected them to be. They were unexpectedly spicy and had more slaw than anything which was disappointing. They were pretty filling of an appetizer though.

shrimp tacos at the park at sands hotel

Crab cakes: This came with avocado mash, mango salsa and lemon aioli. The crab cakes were fried very crispy but remained soft on the inside. They didn’t fall apart or crumble though. Lil’ bun was not impressed with the avocado mash because it was starting to brown and didn’t seem fresh. The mango salsa was a nice balance between acidic and sweet.

crab cakes

Beet and burrata salad: This was topped with apple slaw, mixed greens, roasted pecans, and pomegranate vinaigrette. I liked the acidity that the vinaigrette added to the salad. The beet added sweetness and the ice-cream scoop amount of burrata cheese on top added saltiness. The salad wasn’t heavily dressed and it was a perfect start to the meal.

the park beet and burrata salad

The salad was so big that I was practically full by the time it was time for the main but food awaits and how could I say no to a delicious plate of food sitting in front of me?

7 oz striploin: This came with peppercorn demi glaze, roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables. I swear everytime it says “seasonal vegetables” on a menu, it immediately means that you will be getting carrots and broccoli. Am I the only one who thinks this?

Mother deer got her steak medium-rare and Old bean got it rare. Both steaks were cooked as requested with a nice smoky sear on the outside. Mother deer really liked the smokiness of the char. The plate of food didn’t look big when it arrived at the table but the steak was very filling.

the park steak and potatoes

Sous-vide Moroccan lamb chops: This was served on top of pesto gnocci, grilled apples and mint demi glaze. I was surprised that this was gluten-free because sometimes flour is used to make gnocci. The gnocci was soft and strong in potato flavor but lacked in the pesto department which was disappointing.

There were 4 lamb “lollipops” on the plate and they weren’t very large either. We all thought that the grilled apples were an interesting addition to the plate since it was definitely not something we had seen before.

sous vide lamb

Pan-fried portobello mushroom ravioli: Lil bun and I both ordered the ravioli. To be honest ravioli has never been a favorite of mine so I was skeptical about ordering it at first but after the first bite, I started to enjoy them.

the park portobello mushroom ravioli

Although there were only 6 raviolis on the plate, they were really filling because of how rich they were. THey were topped with a red pepper aioli, chopped tomatoes, spinach and parmesan. I really liked how thin the pasta dough was because it allowed you to really taste the filling.

the park cheesy ravioli

Strawberry trifle: This was brother deer’s choice. It came with layers of vanilla whipped cream, sponge cake and fresh strawberries. I don’t think the strawberries were all that fresh though because they were dull in colour. If you are not a fan of sweet desserts, this would be a good pick.

the park strawberry triffle

Chocolate volcano cake: Lil’ bun and I went with this one. I picked it so I could do a boomerang video with it and she picked it because she loves lava cakes.

The cake was topped with ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Well, it was SUPPOSED to have strawberries but they totally forgot about that because it was not on the plate! If you love rich and fudgey dense chocolate cakes, this is the choice for you. The cake was a little too sweet with the ice cream on top but if you eat it separately it’s pretty nice. The ice cream on top of the warm cake adds a nice contrast of temperatures that was very welcome.

the park chocolate volcano cake

Hazelnut cafe mocha: Mother deer and Old bean went with this one because they said it won’t be as sweet as the other desserts. This mocha is no ordinary espresso beverage because it had hazelnut and coffee liqueurs added to it! It was interesting because it was served warm but there was cold whip on top. For some reason I didn’t expect for it to be served warm but it rounded the night off nicely for them.

the park hazelnut cafe mocha

If you’re from Vancouver, are you going to dineout this year? If so where?

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