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Paradise noodle house

December 9, 2017
paradise noodle vegan chicken vermicelli

For my birthday, Grayson and I went to Paradise vegan noodle house because I’ve been wanting to go to a vegan restaurant for a long time. He’s never been to a vegan restaurant before and I doubt he’s had a vegan meal before. Needless to say, I was skeptical about how he’d feel there.

The first thing we decided to order was the bbq pork salad rolls. Instead of coming with rice noodles on the inside, it came with marinaded glass/crystal/mung bean noodles. It also had lots of sliced marinaded vegan pork on the inside and an ample amount of lettuce.

The salad rolls came with a side of peanut sauce. Grayson was very impressed with the peanut sauce. He said it’s the best he ever tasted. It’s darker than the ones we usually see and had a deeper flavor to reflect this.

paradise noodle salad roll

I decided to order the barbecue chicken vermicelli bowl. To be honest, I was disappointed when it came to the table because the “chicken” was fried and dry. I didn’t really like the texture of them. When you bit into them, you could see “shreds” as though it was real chicken though. Grayson said it tasted like real chicken too.

Instead of coming with fish sauce as it typically would, it came with soy sauce. This didn’t make it very flavorful and just salty. It was just missing that umami element that is so present with fish sauce. I would of preferred to see a vegan version of it.

paradise noodle vegan chicken vermicelli

Grayson decided to get the stuffed eggplant. We weren’t sure what it was topped with but I think it was fried tofu. He said the sauce was really good too. Since the dish didn’t come with anything, he opted to order a bowl of rice with it. It was a lot of food for one person.

paradise noodle stuffed eggplant

We came here looking for healthy food but we left eating things that were deep-fried instead. I think that they really should of clarified this on the menu in case people aren’t looking for a fried meal. With that being said, the portions were very generous and we left with a to-go box.

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  1. Wow, this really is a ‘paradise’ 😛 Healthy, tasty and perfect for my weight loss diet as well – I would love it eat it in this very moment to be honest. I will have to visit this place some time – thanks!

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