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Olive Garden

June 4, 2014

I’ve been insanely busy with exams lately so this is going to be a brief one. We go to Olive Garden whenever we go down to the States but this was the first time we went to the one in Langley as to why we were in Langley? Well that is a story for another day.

PhotoGrid_1401394077576Similarly to Old Spaghetti factory, Olive Garden offers bread sticks, soup or salad to go with your entrees. The only difference is…the soup and salad here is UNLIMITED! Yums! From the left the soups are the minestrone (waaaayyy too salty for me but was jam packed with veggie goodness), Pasta Figole (kinda like an Italian version of chili), and Chicken potato gnocchi (creamy broth).


Lil’ bun got her usual kids meal which came with a drink, a side and an entree. She decided to go with mash potatoes, and pasta with meat sauce. As you can see…we come here often because lil’ bun has been collecting her passport fun activity books. She’s one away from the whole collection!


Mother deer and I decided to share the Cappelini tomato with basil garlic ($9.99). I thought the portion was huge because there was no way we could of finished that along with our soup/salad and have room for breadsticks! We always find that the portions here are really large so we always end up sharing. The only downside is…they end up charging you an extra $8.50 for that extra person having salad/soup which I find a little ridiculous because we might as well have ordered another meal with that money because it only would of costed $2 more.


Brother deer and old bean decided to cash in on the $25 deal where you got to have your breadsticks, soup/salad, 2 entrees, and a dessert to share. Old bean got the spaghetti and meat sauce with sausage. It came with 3 sausages and it was quite the portion size.


Brother deer chose to get the shrimp dish which came with stuffed pasta. He said that the shrimp wasn’t bad but the cream sauce it came with was a little too heavy for his taste especially since the pasta was stuffed with loads of cheese.


Lil’ bun got to choose the dessert and she went with getting 2 dolcini so both her and brother deer could have one. She went with the white chocolate raspberry and brother deer went with the double chocolate. They got a little too sweet after a few mouthfuls but the two of them munched their way through them anyways because afterall, desserts are supposed to be sweet!


Olive Garden on Urbanspoon

Olive Garden on Urbanspoon

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