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Mr. Red Cafe revisited

February 27, 2016

Mr. Red Cafe is a Vietnamese dining experience unlike any other place you can find because they specialize in Northern Vietnamese food as opposed to the more commonly served Southern Vietnamese food.

Food from the Northern side of Vietnam tends to focus on using glutinous rice instead of regular rice as an ingredient and their flavors are more “clean” in a sense because they like to use clearer broths.


Chicken and pate glutinous rice

This glutinous rice was speckled with pate, mung bean paste and seasoned chicken meat. The shredded chicken was a little on the tough and dry side though resembling pork floss instead of juicy chicken. Mother deer said that the dish was interesting and she would definitely have it again some time. Lil’ bun and I thought it was a little salty for our taste but it was enjoyable nevertheless


Glutinous rice wrapped mung bean

I got this the last time I was here and I just HAD to get it again. It was just soo good the first time!


The perfect blend of chewy, salty, savory goodness all wrapped up in a little rice ball of joy. More on it can be found in my previous post


Rare beef and beef ball soup

We found the pho broth to be different than all the ones we’ve tried before. It was clear, light and obvious that it wasn’t laden with MSG. I think its because they only use beef bones in the broth instead of a variety like they would do so in Southern Vietnam.

The rice noodles were a little thinner than what we were used to as well. I liked it better this way because it gave the pho a lighter feel.




1: Never again | 2: Bad | 3: Average | 4: Good | 5: Amazing
Food: 4.5
Service: 4
Value: 4
Ambiance: 4

Would I come back? without a doubt yes

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