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Midam rice cake house revisitied

March 26, 2017
korean seafood noodle

Oh how I miss Korean food….why do I continue to torture myself by looking through food photos?

I mean there are Korean restaurants here but they just aren’t as good so looking at these dishes from Midam rice cake house


Spicy food is my thing, the redder the better when it comes to heat which is why I adore Korean food so much.

When it comes to unique Korean eats, midam rice cake house is the place to be. They have all sorts of specialty rice cake treats from pan-fried mugwort dessert rice cakes to savory ones found in soup.


I decided to get the spicy rice cake soup. It came with loads of kimchi, napa cabbage, green onions,  bean thread noodles and rice cakes! It also came with a bowl of purple rice which if you’ve never had before, you totally should because it has this nuttiness to it that makes it absolutely divine. Not to mention that it has a higher nutritional value than white rice!


Grayson decided to try something completely outside his comfort zone and got the rice cake beef patty dinner set. I’ve tried this before when I came here with my family so I suggested that he try it since it’s something that you can’t find anywhere else.

The wrap is made with mugwort rice cake. Mugwort is a type of ground plant powder that is added to rice cake sometimes for it’s colour and nutritional benefits. The filling was well marinaded with bulgolgi seasonings and as with my meal, his came with a side of purple rice as well.

midam burger comboSummary: Midam rice cake house is definitely a unique dining experience. If you are a rice cake lover, this is the place to be. They also offer lots of options for Korean shaved ice if you are in for a sweet treat. And if you’re a NBA fan, you’ll adore the basketball theme of it’s interior

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