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Lion’s Den

July 14, 2014

Nom nom nom, Chief and I have been to Lion’s den before I started my food blogging “career” and since I didn’t write about it the first time around, I figured why not do it now! Chief and I loved our first visit to Lion’s den because the Carribean owner made us feel so comfortable and he was just a joy to talk to. This time we ended up meeting his Japanese wife Junko and although friendly, she was a little blunt and to the point but maybe that’s just a cultural thing. PhotoGrid_1404349115840 The last time we were here we sat beside this table that was a real Pac-man game machine and this time we were actually able to sit at it! And Chief even put in a quarter to play a round of it for fun while we were waiting for our food to arrive (: IMG_20140702_133220 Our meal came with a nice side salad that was topped with Italian dressing. I was a little confused as to why it was Italian dressing because it’s a Carribean/Japanese place but I didn’t mind because Italian was always my favorite IMG_20140702_135024 Chief decided to go with a small ken’s special ($11.95) with shrimp because Junko told us that they didn’t have any salmon in stock. I thought that this time around both our portions were smaller than the first time we came and the rice had less beans in it but maybe it’s just me. Junko also told us that they were out of okonomiyaki, curry and that they were almost out of rice so we shouldn’t order any of those items. I was a little disappointed about this because I really wanted to try the okonomiyaki but I almost didn’t want to ask if she could make it for us (even though she said she would if we reaaaallly wanted). Plus, since there wasn’t much rice left, ours ended up being microwaved and served to us…which wasn’t too impressive either. I was surprised to hear all this because we went there at 1pm and I would of thought that they would of remade some of the food by them since they were open until the evening. IMG_20140702_135743 I got the small terryaki/jerk chicken combo ($8.95) the first time I came but this time I decided to just go with strictly jerk chicken ($8.95) because it’s a dish that I normally never get to eat. The jerk chicken here is super spicy and flavorful because it’s seasoned with 18 different spices! The chicken I got this time was a little overdone but it still came right off the bone and tasted delicious so I didn’t mind so much. (: IMG_20140702_135731

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