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March 11, 2017
kyo sushi

After hearing about Kyo for the longest time, my family and I went to Kyo for some all you can eat korean bbq and sushi love for lunch ($13.99). I thought that the menu here was more extensive than the one at shabusen even though both restaurants offer similar types of dining options.

I MAY have gone a tad bit crazy on the appetizers but I just couldn’t help it! I love my veggies. My favorite out of the many that we ordered was the oshtashi (soy blanched spinach). Usually my favorite is the salad, but there was so much dressing on top that it made it difficult to finish.

kyo appetizer

We couldn’t come without getting sashimi so we ordered all pieces that we possibly could. As with most all you can eat places, Kyo puts a limit on their sashimi limit at 8 pieces per person so we ended up ordering all 40 🙂 Unfortunately, there are limited options to choose from for lunch since there’s only salmon and tuna to choose from but if you come for dinner there’s plenty more.

kyo sashimi

Mmmm….look at all these delicious looking nigiris. The thing I like about Kyo is that their lunch menu offers items like seared salmon or tuna and chopped scallop nigiris, which are usually not offered on all you can eat menus.


We ordered quite a few of nigiris before old bean told us to stop ordering them because we were filling up too much on rice but we never get nigiris when we go to Japanese restaurants so we wanted to get all we could here. Lil’ bun definitely took advantage of this because she got lots of her favorite inari.

kyo sushi

We ordered some rolls too. They were pretty standard but that’s to be expected since quality isn’t exactly expected when we go to all you can eat restaurants. We found it strange that we had to order the rolls one by one but we were glad that we were able to order them this way or else we would of had too many to eat.

kyo japanese

We also got other items like zaru soba, edamame, tempura, katsu and grilled meats. We were too busy eating so I didn’t take picture of the meat but they do offer Korean bbq for their all you can eat as well. The most novel thing we tried were the deep fried mochi sticks! They looked like fish sticks but when you bit into them, they were chewy and gooey on the inside!

kyo all you can eat

Nevertheless, although all you can eat here might be a tad more pricy than some other places found in the lower mainland, I think it’s definitely worth the money. That is if you have an empty stomach to fill of course!

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