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Kiku sushi

July 14, 2017

We haven’t been to Kiku for the longest time and the last time we’ve been here was well over 3 years ago! (Previous visits can be read about here and here)

It’s not that we had a bad visit the first couple of times or anything but there are literally too many Japanese options in Vancouver that it’s rare for us to frequent one “go-to” spot.

Anyways, Grayson and I came here for lunch last week and being that it was the first sushi restaurant I’ve been to in FIVE whole months, I decided to go for the Lunch Special so I could get a variety of items at a reasonable price.

I  don’t usually have miso soup at restaurants but my tea was too hot and I was thirsty so I gave it a go. It wasn’t especially awesome or anything but there was lots of wakame seaweed!

So for my combo I decided to go for the alaska roll, vegetable roll and tai sushi. I honestly didn’t expect for there to be so much food since the rolls were gigantic! No wonder that each roll only had five pieces instead of the usual six or eight!

I actually liked the vegetable rolls the best out of everything because of the crunchy vegetables and creamy avocado on the inside. The alaska roll was pretty disappointing though because they put a bunch of imitation crab on the inside so it took up a huge portion of the fillings and there was barely any avocado or salmon in sight!

With that being said, I adore the sushi rice here. It was soft but not mushy and there was the perfect amount of rice vinegar seasoning in it too. I’m quite particular about my sushi rice and am always happy to go to a place that does it right!

Grayson decided to get the katsu don. He didn’t expect to get such a big portion of food either and he didn’t actually end up finishing his meal for once! It was filled with sweet soy mirin flavored glass noodles and big piece of katsu. It also had an egg on top which was a nice bonus!

We had a pleasant visit but as we were leaving I noticed something quite disturbing and that is that they had pre-made tempura and maki rolls in tubs behind the counter! Very not cool

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  1. It’s too bad they had all that pre-made stuff in the back… That Katsu looks delicious, I guess this is just one of those places where you have to order the right things!

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