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Hanwoori revisited (Seafood? I don’t see food)

February 28, 2016

The girls and I were craving Korean food again even though we’ve been having our share of Korean lately. Originally we were going to go to Burquitlam to go to Jong Ga, my go to Korean place at the moment, we decided to stay in Burnaby and go to Hanwoori instead.


  1. Gom Tang ($10.95): slow simmered beef and bone marrow broth with noodles and briskets

Neko and Oracle decided to share this and it wasn’t very memorable, hence the lack of photo. They actually forgot about their order and we had to remind them a good three times before it was brought to them. Yes, it was a busy evening for them but having to ask 3x for it was unacceptable.

Haeml Pajeon ($21.95): seafood pancake with spring onion, minced shrimp, mussels, imitation crab

Neko said that she liked the one she had at Royal Seoul House better but it was enjoyable nevertheless. Huntress said that the pancake was nicely golden brown on the outside which left the exterior crispy. Oracle said that the pancake was quite filling too.


  1. Yukgaejang ($10.95): finely shredded beef stew with mushrooms and vegetables in a spicy beef broth

Raven ordered this despite the fact that she’s supposed to be avoiding spicy food. She said that there could of been more beef in it because it wasn’t very filling but there was a good amount of heat.



  1. Ggorigom Tang ($14.95): slow simmered oxtail and bone marrow broth with noodles and brisket

Huntress ordered this to try the oxtail. They actually forgot to put the noodles into it when they gave it to her at first and when she asked for the noodles, the waitress didn’t even know the dish came with noodles! They brought the noodles to her in a bowl afterwards though but she still wasn’t full off her food because there wasn’t a lot of meat in there. She felt like she should of gotten the Gom Tang instead and it wasn’t worth the extra $4.95 to get the oxtail.


  1. Soontofu jijgae ($10.95): soft tofu stew with baby clams, shrimp and pork in spicy broth

The soup came with a raw egg on the side so I could crack it in the soup on my own. Since it took so long to come, I was excited to dive right into it but I was extremely disappointed to find that my soup had barely any contents inside.


In fact, for a seafood tofu soup, there was NO seafood inside! Actually, there was so little seafood in my soup that I could literally put everything onto my spoon. Mind you this was AFTER I told them they forgot to put seafood in my soup and they took it back to actually put some in there.

The pieces of mussels were diced up and the shrimp were definitely shrimpy (pun intended). Definitely NOT impressed.


We were not very satisfied with our meal and we left unsatisfied and still wanting more food. Yes we had a bunch of food, but we weren’t exactly full because we were stuffing ourselves full with rice and soup. So we were more bloated than full if anything. We actually went to grab bubble tea after…



1: Never again | 2: Bad | 3: Average | 4: Good | 5: Amazing
Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 2.5
Ambiance: 3

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  1. Cynthia~ It’s been so long since I talked to you but I see so many awesome new recipes that I have to try here! :3

    I actually visited Hanwoori about a week ago and had the same seafood (or the lack of) problem as you.. except it was the pancake instead of the soup you got. It was literally all mushrooms inside lol..

    Anyways, hope you’re doing well and we should totally hang out again. <3

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