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Gyo-o Japanese restaurant

December 22, 2016
gyo clam ramen

I swear I say that every Japanese restaurant around is my favorite but Gyo-O is hands down my favorite Japanese restaurant of all time. Gyo-O is one of those restaurants that we go to when someone comes back to Vancouver from a long flight because it’s on the way home. This fine afternoon was one of those days because old bean came back to Vancouver so it was only fitting for us to go there.

fresh udon

I decided to try something new instead of my spicy sashimi cold udon and got the ankake udon instead. Typically cold udon comes with a soy based broth that you dip your noodles into before eating it but this version came with a thick viscous sweet and salty sauce instead. It was almost as though I was pouring gravy over my udon because it was just as delicious as enjoying a bowl of mashed potatoes with gravy on top.

The udon was cold but when the hot roux hit it, it warmed it up to the perfect temperature and to top it all off, you can never go wrong with an onsent tamago (soft boiled egg)!


Mother deer decided to get the seafood ramen which came with clams and squid. She said the ramen was perfectly chewy and the broth had lots of flavor. She got the wakame seaweed one last time and preferred this one although she said it could of had a bit more seafood in it.


We also decided to try the tuna carpaccio because we couldn’t leave a Japanese restaurant without having raw fish. It came with a ponzu citrus sauce on top along with raw white and green onions. The onion gave it a nice pop of freshness and the ponzu brightened everything up. Even old bean who isn’t a huge fan of sashimi said it tasted really fresh!


Last but not least, lil bun decided to get the ebi tempera udon. It came with a soy based broth and the tempera came on the side which is always much appreciated because no one likes soggy tempera! She said that even though the tempura looked rather pale, it was well battered and crispy on the outside and the shrimp on the inside was quite large as well.

The udon came with lots of seaweed which she liked and being the udon fanatic she is, she was quite pleased with the quality of the udon. They weren’t over cooked and was perfectly al dente. There’s nothing worse than mushy udon…am I right?



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