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DIY: mini burger meal set

November 22, 2013

Well time for DIY kit two, this time burger version! Brother deer and I picked up a few of these Japanese mini set things for lil’ bun when we were in Asia over the summer. She made the cake one a while ago, which you can see here diy-mini-cake-in-a-box/ if you missed that one. Well, enough rambling, here’s the scoop on what happened.


Time to make some fries…weird thing was…it actually smelled like potatoes..


Making some burger buns


and some “beef” patties…which actually smelled like seasoned meat…kinda like chunky soup…the two of us thought that was a little freaky


Into the microwave they went!


While that was microwaving, we made ourselves some ketchup


and some cola. We also made cheese but we forgot to document that part of the process


Finally assembly time!


Making us some mini burgers


After a while of decorating and assembling these tiny little things, we were finally done. How did they taste? Well…as great as anything extremely artificial would taste…really unnatural. Lil bun said that the fries were really hard to get through because they were quite tough. The cola tasted like flat coke, which was what we expected anyways. As for the burger…brother deer couldn’t even swallow his and lil’ bun being a brave one, managed to get through her entire burger. She said it tasted really strongly of cheese. She wouldn’t eat it again, but it could of been worse.


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