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May 13, 2017

I rarely ever go out for brunch but this time I went to Cora in Coquitlam. I’ve been here once before and it’s often quite crowded and hard to even get in the door! I guess it makes sense seeing that Cora is only open for breakfast and lunch. I like going to Cora because not only do they have an extensive menu with just too many delicious things to choose from but they offer LOTS AND LOTS of fruit. I love my fruit and seeing all that around me just made me weak in my boots.

I decided to get the ham and swiss crepe because I felt like having a crepe but nothing too desserty. I normally don’t choose things with cheese just because I’m not a fan of it but the fact that it also came with a bunch of fruit sold me. I mean do you not see how much FRESH fruit there is on that plate? I think all breakfast should be served up like this and I would be in love forever. Anyway, onto the taste, the crepe was alright it wasn’t over or underdone. Seeing that there are grill marks on there I assume that they put it in the panini press to make the cheese extra melty before serving!


seee, note how melty and ooey the cheese is? I quite liked the dish overall and the portion was quite large so I didn’t end up finishing it all. That’s always a good sign, you want to get value for your money right? Lil’ bun enjoyed having the rest of my crepe for a snack later on in the day because unlike me, she LOVES her cheese!


I think I’ll be back to Cora for sure some time, maybe not any time soon because it is a little out of the way for me to get to, but I will be back. Their service is awesome and well, I would recommend making a reservation next time seeing that they are so packed and with good reason!

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