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Candy Japan review

June 1, 2014

A couple of days ago, I received a lovely package from CandyJapan. Candy Japan is a Japanese snack subscription site that ships snacks to your door all the way from Japan! Unlike most snack subscription sites, CandyJapan sends you TWO packages a month for $25. I know, it’s a complete steal right? I mean that’s $12.50 a package! Along with their bimonthly packages, CandyJapan will send you an email when they ship out your treats to let you know what you’ll expect to find in your package along with a brief description of each snack. Sometimes there may be themes for the packages too! And I was super excited to find out that the theme for the one I got was TEA!


In the email that I got, they mentioned that I should be having these snacks with a cup of green tea so right away, I got my tea that came in the package brewing. I like to have my tea straight because I like enjoying things in it’s most natural form. I always find that Japanese green tea has more of a “grassy” matcha flavor to it than most American green teas and I find them to be stronger in flavor too.


The first snack I decided to try is called “momoyama” and they are baked goods with white bean paste on the inside. They have the texture of SUPER soft cookies and they have a subtle honey-like sweetness to them. These little guys were my favorite out of the bunch so I was super glad that there were 6 of them!


These are another version of the “momoyama” and they tasted a little sweeter than the ones above. I feel like these were filled with white chestnut though because of the picture on the package. Lil’ bun has tried these before but only the Korean version she gets at H-mart. She said that this version was a lot softer than the Korean kind and she was sad that there were only two of them


The other type of treat that was in the package was “monaka” which is red bean paste wrapped in mochi wafers. I’ve had these before when I was in Japan but I never knew that they were wrapped in mochi wafers. I mean call me naive but I always thought that mochi was only used in dango or daifuku. All the “monaka” that I tried were filled with red bean and since red bean is one of brother deer’s favorite things in the world…he ended up having most of them when I wasn’t looking…


I like the contrast between the dry papery wafer against the sticky chewy red bean center. Although the red bean paste on the inside was a little too sweet for my taste, having it with the more bitter tea helped balance it all out. I guess thats why you’re supposed to have these treats with tea!


There’s also a circle version of the monaka. This one tasted a little different than the rectangular ones though because I found the wafer to be softer and less crispy. Lil’ bun and I also found that the red bean on the inside of this one was more chewy and sticky compared to the rectangle ones.


Having all these treats made me reminiscence¬† about the most amazing summer I had last year when I was there with brother deer and Tyi. Japanese treats are always fun to try in my book and CandyJapan is the perfect way to get your hands on a few of them a month to try if you don’t have a store near you that offers them. Plus instead of buying a package of all the same snacks, you get the pleasure and benefit of trying a variety of things all at once since they send you a few of each treat to sample at once! If snacks aren’t really your thing (I don’t see why not), they also offer a stationary subscription service called PenJapan if you want to check that out as well (:


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