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Burnaby riverway clubhouse

November 29, 2017

Hello! It’s that time again, the time where Burnaby Riverway Clubhouse offers their $25 menu! Of course mother deer did not hesitate to take them up on the deal and went by with her friends the other night leaving the rest of us at home to fend for ourselves.

They decided to start with a soup with toast and the coconut shrimp salad for their appetizers.

The French onion soup was very fragrant and had a depth of flavor. She feels that sometimes this soup can be really heavy from the oil but she said it was well balanced. The toast was nice and crispy of course.

soup riverway clubhouse

The coconut prawn salad was a more adventurous choice but a delicious one nevertheless. The coconut shrimps were well-battered and crispy on the outside. She said that the salad wasn’t dressed too heavily and had a nice tang to it. She also liked that there was a variety of textures in there from the crunchy lettuce, edamame and corn.

For their entrees, they decided to get the lobster burger and the steak.

The burger looked really impressive when it came to the table. She swears it was at least 12″ high with the skewer and all! The burger had a beef batty and then a lobster tail and two prawns were skewered on top of it! So the burger didn’t have lobster meat inside like one would expect…instead it was a beef burger impaled by a seafood skewer!

riverway clubhouse burger

The steak was cooked to a wonderful medium rare and stayed juicy on the inside like all good steak should. It came with a nice rich sauce that didn’t overpower the dish. The mashed potatoes and green beans were nice accompaniments to round everything off nicely.


Dessert was ice-cream and waffles or lemon curd. Nothing too special or fancy and it was a little too sweet but it was a good end to the night regardless.

burnaby mountain clubhouse dessert

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