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Bubble waffle cafe

November 2, 2017
matcha bubble waffle

After our dinner at shibuyatei, Grayson and I decided to go for a cheeky dessert at Bubble Waffle Cafe in Aberdeen Centre. I only ever have bubble waffle in Hong Kong because it’s half the price as it is here and you know how when you have something at a cheaper price you kind of refuse to pay more of it? No? It’s just me?


I was actually surprised when Grayson made the suggestion because we’re not the dessert type and he has never mentioned that he liked bubble waffle before. Regardless, I’m always up for it so we decided to go with the matcha bubble waffles.

They were super crispy and crunchy as good bubble waffle should be but unfortunately it was barely filled on the inside! There was barely any soft fluffy batter on the inside that makes bubble waffles bubble waffles but to be fair I have never been to a place in Vancouver that doesn’t skimp out on the inside filling

bubble waffle

We actually went to Brentwood mall a few days later and to our surprise, the prices for the special flavors of bubble waffle there was $4.50 but the ones at Aberdeen are $3.95! Not a huge price difference but an interesting observation nevertheless

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