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Broken rice restaurant burnaby

January 22, 2018
tofu cermecelli broken rice

I rarely ever crave Vietnamese food because Japanese food tends to get the better of me a majority of the time. The last time I had it was actually about a month ago at Paradise. But the girls and I decided to have our annual gift exchange at Broken Rice this year so I ended up having Vietnamese food twice in the span of a month which is a rare occurence for me

vietnamese spring rolls

To start the girls got the spring roll appetizer to start. It was crispy, crunchy and packed full of pork, carrot, taro and woodear mushrooms. It came with fish sauce on the side to dip them in. These were among one of the crispiest spring rolls I had ever seen. They reminded me of the ones found at Le petite saigon.

I didn’t join in on their spring rolls because my vegetarian vermicelli already came with them. These however, were vegetarian springrolls filled with 100% veggies. They were crispy and crunchy just like the ones that came with the appetizer. The vegetarian vermicelli came with more rice noodles than I could stomach and lots of crispy tofu. I expected this tofu to be similar to fried tofu puffs but they weren’t. They actually resembled Taiwanese styled deep fried tofu where they were practically crunchy in texture. The bowl cae with a side of pickled veggies and soy sauce to stir into the noodles. I swapped it for fish sauce though because I love the stuff.

tofu cermecelli broken rice

Neko and Huntress both got the house pho and Oracle got the BBQ short rib on broken rice. She said that the beef was really heavily seasoned but a little over done. She didn’t end up finishing it all because it was quite a bit of food.

broken rice restaurant

Every time I see someone ordering a dish with broken rice I’m always intrigued about it because how do you even make broken rice? Are the grains crushed before they’re cooked or after? Why do they always look so uniform and clumpy? That’s a complete tangent but does anyone know how it’s made? Let me know!

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