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Anna’s cake house

May 15, 2017

Mother deer got a cake from Anna’s cake house for lil’ bun’s birthday. We never get our birthday cakes here but they’re pastries are quite good so we figured that we would give it a try. And boy…it was not a very good call to make because we were definitely not impressed with this one.


The cake options were all limited and plain looking but we didn’t have time to go anywhere else so we picked the best option which was this chestnut one. They didn’t ask or offer a chocolate plaque/sign that said Happy Birthday on it like they usually do when mother deer bought it either and unfortunately she forgot to ask for one. I ended up having to pipe it on there with chocolate at home and I ended up adding a lot more fruit to it on my own too because it looked so bland. We thought that it was just the exterior that was bad but the inside was just as horrible because instead of having two layers of sponge cake sandwiching a layer of chestnut, they made there’s with just one layer of each making it not a very enjoyable experience when we ate it because both of the layers were so thick. It was as if they were too lazy to cut the sponge into two and sandwich it or something! Seeing that Anna’s cake house is supposed to be one of the “upper scale” Chinese bakeries, we were appalled by this and we really could of gotten a waaaay better tasting and looking cake at Pine House or Maxims.

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