Matcha mochi waffles

These sticky, glutinous Matcha mochi waffles are a unique take on the iconic breakfast waffles. The addition of the glutinous rice flour are a funky addition to the traditional waffle batter They are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside making them a fun and delightful treat to eat.

Bai bua Thai

Lil bun, mother deer and I wanted to go out for lunch after grocery shopping. We were going up along Hastings street and being that I passed by Bai Bua Thai on my commute to school practically every day, I figured that it was about time that we go by.

Sweet potato walnut cake

Sweet potatoes do a wonderful job of keeping this cake extremely soft and moist. It’s interior is tender with a dense, moist crumb, and the crust is firmer and slightly chewy. The cake is robustly spiced and full of hearty flavor. If you like sweet potatoes, carrot cake, or pumpkin-based recipes, you’ll love this bread.

Spiced carrot bundt cake

This version is my take on everyone’s favorite spiced carrot bundt cake. The coconut sugar adds an almost caramel like flavor and cinnamon glaze just takes the cake over the top. The secret to making this spiced carrot cake all the better is to toast the walnuts because it adds a whole ‘nother level of… Read More »

Cinnamon raisin swirl bread (vegan)

This cinnamon raisin swirl loaf is a total breakfast classic. It can be enjoyed as is, toasted or even dipped in custard for a fantastic twist on French toast! After making a batch of cinnamon raisin bagels last week and absolutely adoring them, I figured that making a loaf of raisin swirl bread was in… Read More »