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Braided red bean milk bread (vegan)

By on July 28, 2017

This braided red bean milk bread has the softest, fluffiest dough ever! And the most surprising part is that it uses a regular dough rather than a gelatinized one! I do love using the tangzhong method to make my bread because it keeps the moisture in the bread for days after the initial bake but […]

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Baked red bean glutinous rice cake

By on February 7, 2016
glutinous rice muffin

Lunar new year is among us and one of my FAVORITE things to have this time of year is nian gao or new year cake. It’s made out of glutinous rice flour so the texture of the cake is both sticky and chewy, resembling mochi which makes it super fun to eat as well.

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Red bean buns (vegan friendly)

By on February 13, 2015

I know I say this all the time but it’s been a while since I’ve made yeast bread. Especially ones in the bun variety. I was about to just make simple dinner rolls but Lil’ bun said she wanted to eat red bean buns so I decided to make those for her instead! I know, […]

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