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Tried and Tested – bite sized treats

January 20, 2014

Lil’ bun loves her smores but when it’s not campfire season, it’s hard for her to get her hands on some so we decided to satisfy her craving by making some smores muffins. These little morsels took a little longer than expected to make but they were oh so delicious. We didn’t have marshmallow fluff so they lacked a little on the gooey side but nevertheless they were scrumptious. What we liked the most about these little guys was how easy it was to have a whole smore in just one mouthful!


Mmm…as you probably know well enough by now, lil’ bun and I love our cocoa. So what better way to fix both our cravings by making some cute chocolate-mini-muffins. We’ll probably make these again another time because well, they’re a considerably healthier version of the cinnamon muffin recipes we usually find since they are made with whole wheat flour. We used less cinnamon sugar coating on the outside as well to make them even healthier! Yumms!


We made these chocolate-donut-holes because there was a little inkling of doughnut fever going around. We don’t have real donut hole molds so we settled with using our mini muffin tins. I probably should of followed the recipe more closely and NOT overfill the muffin tins…but I did anyways and they turned out more muffin shaped. ): Honestly, we didn’t expect for them to turn out as light in texture as a real donut would since they were baked and not fried but, we were proven wrong when we were left with super light muf-nuts (that’s what we’ll call them because they’re such a hybrid form now). These little guys were a lovely healthy alternative to the fudgey chocolatey doughnuts we’re normally used to.


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