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Pumpkin redbean buns

November 16, 2017

Ohhh it’s pumpkin time again and this year we made sure to buy extra cans of pumpkin puree before the season even began because they always seem to run out at the store!

Okay, that’s a lie, it’s more so because the demand and cost of pumpkin puree goes up as the festive season arrives and then it goes from $1.08 a can to $3.08 a can pretty darn quickly.

Anyway, enough about that and more about what I made because that’s what we’re all here for right?

These little morsels of joy are pumpkin red bean swirl buns. Think of them as an Asian-inspired version of pumpkin chocolate chip loaf. It’s full of fall flavors with little sprinkles of redbean in between the swirls to add hints sweetness.

I was actually going to develop a new recipe for the dough but I realized that my old one worked so well that I might as well use the same dough instead of experimenting all over again.

Once I made the dough I simply rolled it out into a long thin rectangle before spreading a good 3/4 cup of red bean paste inside, rolling it up like a burrito and slicing them into 1″ thick pieces. I decided to put each roll into a muffin tin to keep the shape uniform but you can use a large baking pan instead. Then, I let it rise for a good 30 mins again before popping them into the oven.

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