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Eat dirt! Flower pot chocolate mousse (vegan)

March 31, 2014

Brother deer isn’t a fan of fish or avocados so he doesn’t get a lot of healthy fats in his diet. Being the person I am, I was determined to use avocado to make something that even brother deer would eat and to do that, I had to mask the taste of avocado. So, I decided to make him some of the avocado infused chocolate pudding from my clean eats: cocoa post. I’m glad I did because it was so creamy and chocolate-y smooth that he couldn’t even detect the avocado! Plus the fact that it looked nifty in a jar, and the cookie crumbs on top distracted him from it as well.



chocolate pudding (recipe can be found here)
crushed chocolate or cream filled cookies
a jar or square pan of sorts
topping: lollipops, baby strawberries, gummy worms, garden themed baked items


Layer the pudding evenly in a jar or pan. Sprinkle the crushed cookie crumbs on top to resemble dirt. If you want you can also layer the cookie crumbs between the layers of pudding as well. Place topping on top to resemble a garden.


I hope you all try this simple little recipe some time because they’re such a creative bite. I think I’m going to make this for a party sometime because it’s such a fun dessert! I mean in the spring you can put gummy worms on top, in the summer you can put baby strawberries, in the fall you can put tomb stone shaped cookies in it for a grim halloween treat and in the winter, well nothing grows in the winter you silly people so of course nothing would be on top! (:


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