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Easter bunny cake

April 16, 2017

Hello hello and happy, or rather, HOPPY Easter everyone!

One thing I did every year growing up was hunt for Easter eggs at my neighbourhood park after having a delicious pancake breakfast there. Then as I grew up, I volunteered there just so I could still continue the tradition of going. Eventually I grew out of it but that doesn’t stop me from going out to get those delectable Easter egg chocolates every once in a while 🙂

Another thing that I love to do every year to get into the Spring season is make an Easter bunny cake! This only started a few years back when I learned how to make this little fella’ back in high school.

I actually forgot all about it this year but when lil’ bun said she was making the exact same cake this year at school it all came flooding back to me. Talk about reusing the curriculum…

And I’d say that she did a pretty darn good job at making it wouldn’t you say so?

My favorite part about this bunny cake is the marshmallow frosting. You make it as though you’re making a meringue and you need to use a double boiler to make it which requires some technique.

BUT the technique isn’t even the most difficult part about making the frosting because the hardest part is the clean up. Why? Because when the frosting cools, it ends up sticking to the bowl like tar!

I know I said that you need to work fast with the frosting but you can’t work too quickly or you’ll end up with a half naked bunny!

Or worse…one with bald spots!

So I wish you all the best with tackling this cute little fella’ and tell me, what are your favorite Easter treats?



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