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Clean eats: munch-a-thon

March 14, 2014

I decided that I should do a post that shows what I like to eat on a regular basis or at least the things I try to eat when I have the opportunity to have them because I don’t think everything I make really needs to have a recipe post.

When I have the opportunity to sit down for a breakfast on a sunday morning I usually like to have it with a spinach, basil, tomato stuffed omelette with a side of fruit. If I’m feeling extra hungry I’ll have a slice of sprouted grain toast but if I’m out of that I’ll reluctantly settle for a waffle.


When I’m not having a spinach or quinoa salad for lunch, I like to sandwiches because you can pack them full of yummlicious goodness. I usually make my sandwiches with flaked tuna (mixed with greek yogurt, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes), tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, sprouts and lettuce/spinach. Lil’ bun made this sandwich for me a while ago because I wasn’t feeling well, even though it’s not what I usually put in my sandwiches, it was really nice of her to make it for me.


If I’m not home for lunch, I try to eat as clean as I can too! I went to a barbeque a while ago and instead of a meat burger, I got a veggie one. Despite what everyone says about them, I actually don’t mind veggie patties so much. I think it really comes down to what brand of patties you get. Anyway, even when I’m not at a barbeque I will ALWAYS make sure at least 75% of my plate is made up of fruits or veggies. (: I’m a total veggie-vore and I love it!


I normally have my fruit in the morning because it’s better for your digestion that way. Why? Well, fruits are packed with fructose which is a sugar so it gets absorbed by your body super fast and gets converted into energy. Except if you eat it after having your protein, carbs or veggies, the sugar usage/absorption gets slowed down and your body doesn’t end up using it so it gets stored. But on rare occasion like in the summer, I can’t help myself so I end up eating fruit literally ALL DAY LONG. I didn’t want to bore you guys with winter fruits which would be just apples or oranges for the most part so here’s some from the summer time! Yay fruit kabobs!


Here’s a big ol’ bowl of watermelon and jack fruit. If you haven’t had jackfruit, you’re missing out because it’s delicious! I know I like to say that my favorite fruit of all time are apples but that’s only because it’s the one I can a year round fruit. My actual favorite fruit is WATERMELON!


From time to time lil bun wants a sweet dessert treat but we don’t eat cake, ice cream or any of that, we have fondue (with dark chocolate of course)! We like it because we get to satisfy our sweet tooth with the chocolate and even though it’s dark chocolate it doesn’t taste bitter because the fruits we have with it help sweeten it up!


Even out when I’m spending time with friends we all try to eat healthy when we can (: YUM FRUIT!


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