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Banana oatmeal cookies (clean eats/vegan)

March 5, 2014

I love my banana bread and banana chocolate chip cookies but those aren’t exactly the best things for you to eat so these little cookies really satisfy my cravings for those treats. These cookies are super soft and taste almost like a slice of banana bread. It’s like a banana bread and cookie hybrid! Can you see why these cookies are my absolute favorite now? Sometimes I even add a bit of cocoa powder to mine if I’m feeling a little chocolatey. Although these are primarily made up of oats, but they don’t give off the “healthy” taste that can be off putting to some people because the banana gives it so much sweetness that you don’t even notice the oatmeal.


Oh oh oh my oats! I think oatmeal is one of the fastest breakfasts out there besides toast. I mean, there’s really no excuse when all you need to do is add hot water right? Oats are good for you because they help stabilize your blood pressure which then in turn reduces your risk of high blood pressure. It also has the added ability to prevent the development of some cancers and even diabetes. On top of all that, they help maintain your weight because they’re high in fiber and keep you feeling full for extra long. Plus, they’re gluten free! If you don’t like eating oatmeal, you can always use your oats to make these deliciously simple oatmeal banana cookies!


Clean. Simple. Ingredients.

1 banana mashed
1/2 cup oats

Mash banana, stir in oats and any add-ins you like. Shape into a few small cookies or one giant cookie. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or if you’re short on time, microwave them for 60 – 90 seconds (:



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