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Baked churros

December 18, 2013

Lil bun loves churros, and she never really gets to have them because they don’t sell them around here anymore, least not after Costco got rid of them from their menu. Churros are a food of nostalgia to me because when we were kids brother deer and I would get them as treats after enduring hours of holiday grocery shopping at Costco. I never thought about making churros myself though because they are deep fried and as a health conscious person, they were just never on the top of the list of things to try to recreate on my own. But the other day, I came across something absolutely MARVELOUS….a recipe for baked churros! BAKED! Nothing fills me with joy more than being able to make a healthier version of things I alraedy love, so motherthyme really saved the day by providing me with such a wonderful recipe to enjoy.

Look at this wonderful pastry dough, just look at it, I mean it’s so perfectly perfect. The recipe on the website didn’t mention that you should add in the egg slowly so that the egg doesn’t “cook” when it touches the hot batter, but luckily I knew to temper the egg first from my experience making cream puffs.


I was surprised to learn that the recipe for making churro pastry was so similar to the one for pate a choux (cream puffs). I let lil’ bun do the churro strip making because she never worked with a piping bag before.


Lil’ bun’s favorite part was shaking the churros in a container full of cinna-sugar to coat them with cinnamon-y goodness. We should of lifted the piping bag a little higher off the baking sheet when we piped them because they turned out a little too flat (since they don’t rise). We’ll be sure to remember that for next time.


Mmmmm…..baked churros….don’t they look scrumptious? (: Even if they don’t look delish, they tasted absolutely wonderful and that’s the important part.


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