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3 ways to use digestive biscuits!

December 1, 2013

Mother deer bought a whole roll of digestive biscuits the other day and of course, lil’ bun and I got creative with them right away! Yeah, we know we could of used it instead of graham crackers for a cheese cake or pie base, but we felt more like having a few quick recipes I mean, the wait times for making those is just too torturous for our poor little impatient souls.

1. Make s’mores! All you need is a couple of marshmellows, two digestive biscuits, chocolate squares/chocolate bar and an oven of course! We decided to put half of a fun size of mars bars (because we didn’t have any more caramilk) in each of them so they’d have some caramel-y goodness in them too!


2. Dip them in dark chocolate and freeze them! YUM!

IMG-20131120-031203. Saving the best for last….MAKE A CUSTARD! Yup, we made digestive and marshmallow custard! Instead of our biscuits, we were left with was this creme brulee type top layer because of the marshmallows with velevety smooth custard. Here’s where we got the recipe for this little guy from theenglishkitchen


Any more creative ideas of your own?

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