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Riz sushi bar and catering

January 17, 2018
Riz poke bowl

Hi Friends!

So Riz sushi bar and catering had a huge grand opening event on Jan 11, 12 and 15 where they served $3 poke bowls all day! Part of me could only imagine how long the line would be but the other part wondered what type of food blogger I would be if I didn’t go.

After deciding that I wanted to go, the next step was looking for someone to wait in line with me. Of course, Grayson always ends up being that person. Bless his soul for always having to put up with my antics.

riz japanese vancouver

Anyway, when we arrived the line was wrapped around the corner. It looked like a half an hour line from my evaluation but it ended up taking a full hour instead. Whoops…

When you enter the restaurant, there is a mural on the wall. Grayson said that it was a painting of all the famous rappers out there. It was entertaining for him to name them all so I hope that made up for the long wait. When I was looking up Riz, I found out that the original painting of the Japanese landscape from the previous owners got added to give it a new touch.

Riz sushi hastings

After our long wait we finally got our poke bowls. You got to choose between salmon or tuna for proteins but the toppings were all the same. It was topped with edamame, seaweed salad, imitation crab, cucumbers, and massago fish roe. Then you got to choose a sauce to put on top.

Riz poke bowl

We both got the ahi tuna poke bowls. I got mine with siracha miso sauce (above) and Grayson got it with green curry (below). Both sauces were mild and the prominent flavor was mayonnaise from the “aioli.” In other words, if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t be able to detect it.

There was double amount of rice in the bowl compared to the toppings. Which is a good thing if you’re looking to get full but for $11.00 original price? No way. Grayson is pretty forgiving when it comes to food but even he said that it wasn’t worth the hour wait.

We agreed that we wouldn’t come back for the poke bowls because we’ve had better ones else where but he’d come back for the painting on the wall because it’s “dope”

salmon poke bowl

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