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Estee Lauder Fall 2014 event

September 1, 2014

I don’t post about beauty related things often but a little while ago a good friend of mine who’s an all in one beauty, food AND fashion blogger, was invited to an Estee Lauder Fall 2014 preview event and she invited me to come along. I’ve never been to one of these things before and neither had she so we thought that it would be a nice thing to do together since we’re both bloggers. The event was at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver and we ended up being a tad late because of traffic. Lucky for us, we weren’t the only late ones so it wasn’t too big of a deal. Plus, the girls who were organizing the event were ever so lovely and made us feel comfortable right away. They also told us that there were drinks and food available for us to eat for breakfast. And of course, the food blogger in me couldn’t help but take a photo of the goodies! I mean look how pretty the plating was! Ooo…how I’d love to wake up to a fruit platter like that every morning


Anyways, on to the event itself. Although I’m no beauty guru, I have learned to appreciate makeup over time and I would like to think that I do a pretty decent job using it myself. Out of all the items that we were introduced to, my favorite had got to be the products from the Pomegranate Nutritious collection. From what I learned at the event, the line strives to use vital nutrients that are derived from pomegranates to help nourish your skin again so that it looks radiant after long days of it facing environmental irritants. Products like this that derive nutrients always have a place in my heart because it really showcases how amazing fruits are!


They also had this amazing station where a makeup artist did your makeup. I learned a lot about contouring that day and although I’m not too big on face makeup, I feel like it was a nice skill to learn. I mean, I wasn’t aware I actually had cheekbones! At the end of our stay, we were given the most amazing bag of goodies to try and I can’t wait to try them all. I’ve never really used Estee Lauder products before so this is going to be quite the experience 🙂 For a while, I was contemplating as to whether or not I wanted to post a review on the products but I figured that I should leave the makeup reviews to Huntress since she’s more of a makeup expert than I am.

For all you makeup loving girlies out there, you can find her at chencarmen! I promise you that she’s absolutely wonderful and you won’t regret the visit 🙂



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  1. Glad you came with me and had someone to share this experience with. Also you have amazing cheekbones and I’m jealous…

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