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Yaguchiya ramen

January 5, 2018
yaguchiya spicy ramen

Another cold winter day calls for another bowl of warm and cozy ramen. This time we were off to Yaguchiya ramen located right across from Metrotown. Yaguchiya ramen is a chain that came all the way from Japan so with that in mind, we had high hopes for the food here.

The menu is made up of the usual offerings consisting of miso, shoyu, shio, and vegan ramens. Unlike most ramen joints, you are able to choose between regular, medium and large sizes for your bowls in addition to having the option of adding in extra noodles and toppings for a surcharge. They also allow you to customize your order by choosing noodle tenderness (soft or hard), broth (light or dark), and oil content (a little or regular).

I decided to go with the regular size of spicy ramen with hard noodles and light broth. The soup had the perfect amount of heat and depth of flavor I was looking for. If it’s not flavorful enough for you they offer grated ginger, chopped garlic, chili miso paste, pepper and vinegar at the table for you to customize it to your liking.

Despite the fact that I don’t eat meat, I always end up ordering ramen with chashu in it because it’s usually 1) cheaper than the veggie one and 2) the broth is much more flavorful. Plus this means that Grayson gets to have my chashu which is a total bonus for him. Even though I got the smallest size offered, I left quite comfortably full. I would say that the amount of ramen in the bowl was worthy of the $10.75 price point considering that this is a common price for a bowl of ramen. However, the chashu slices are very thin here so it makes me reconsider.

yaguchiya spicy ramen

Grayson got the regular miso ramen and tacked on a mini chashu bowl and salad for an extra $3.95. The miso ramen is similar to mine but it has the addition of the sheets of seaweed on top. He said that the ramen was tender to his liking and the broth was quite flavorful as well.  As for the chashu, he said that they use the lean cuts as opposed to the fattier cuts which he liked because it meant that there was more meat to actually eat.

Price point and broth wise he preferred the ramen here more than Jinya ramen. In regard to the noodles, he prefers the thin ramen noodles at Jinya but he liked that you could choose the tenderness of the noodles here. As for the chashu bowl, he said that the one at Jinya ramen was better because it was more flavorful since it had sauce on top. The salad here was the winner out of the two though.

yaguchiya ramen

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