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Wang Ga Ma

December 23, 2017
korean food

After doing some Christmas shopping at Lougheed, Grayson and I decided to go for Korean food at Wang Ga Ma. We usually head over to Jong Ga for Korean but we decided to try something new that particular night.

The restaurant was packed by the time we got in there and being that it was a weekend and a rainy day, it made sense. In comparison to most Korean restaurants, the menu was quite limited. Instead of having eight pages of items to choose from, there were two. I would say that the food was a little pricier than other restaurants in the area.

wang ga ma

wang ga ma coquitlam

The first thing we noticed when our food came to the table was that the rice game in a mini stone pot. Jong Ga does the same thing. I wish more Korean places served their rice like this because the crispy rice at the bottom of the bowl is always a treat to have. Another thing we noticed was the lack of banchan. All we got was kimchi.

korean food

Grayson decided to get the beef stew. It came with two pieces of meat totaling up to about 3oz for the big pot. Definitely not worth the price. At least it came with a never-ending amount of cabbage? Seriously. There was SO MUCH cabbage.

korean miso stew

I got the seafood stew. It had lots of tofu, a couple shrimp and a huge mussel in it. It was definitely a protein heavy soup!

wang ga ma seafood

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