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Trees coffee

January 3, 2018
trees coffee cheesecake

Trees Coffee is a cafe that is close to where I work. I’ve been meaning to go by but being that I always bring my own lunch, I just haven’t had the opportunity to stop by. But the other day my co-worker had the most delicious looking soup from there so I just had to go get myself a bowl of it to try.

trees coffee downtown

This was their carrot ginger soup. Their soups change from day to day but I’m glad that I went on a day that this was served because it was so good! It was rich and had just the perfect amount of ginger in it to add spice and warm you right up. I thought that the serving was quite small since it was only a cup but it was quite filling since it was a dense soup.

trees coffee carrot ginger soup

Something I didn’t know was famous at Trees was their cheesecakes. They had a variety to choose from ranging from classic New York cheesecake to fruity ones like blueberry or dark chocolate cherry. They even have a fun one that’s maple walnut flavor.

trees coffee cheesecake

I decided to go with the¬†white chocolate raspberry. It was definitely a good cheesecake and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like them! It wasn’t too dense and savory which is something that deters me from them. Instead it had the perfect blend of texture because even though it was cheesy, it was also light in texture. It wasn’t very prominent in the white chocolate raspberry flavor though. The only raspberry you got was from the mulled bit the added on top and even though it was white chocolate flavor, it wasn’t very sweet at all.

trees coffee cheesecake

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