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May 21, 2017
seafood laksa

To say that this is a late post is an understatement because it’s been months since Dineout Vancouver but no matter, it’s better late than never especially when it comes to talking about good eats.

The Torafuku menu was $30 a person and the strange thing was that they brought everything to the table to be shared between everyone and there definitely wasn’t enough food.

DY-NO-MITE: A fancy rendition of the typical dynamite roll. In addition to it’s usual fillings, steelhead and mango was included inside and to put it over the top, aioli was added. Albeit messy, these rolls were delicious and jam-packed full of filling so they were totally worth the mess

torafuku sushi

Rye So Messy Chicken Wings: If you’re into Korean fried chicken, these would be perfect for you! They were spicy from the chili marinade and then the mango glaze sweetened it back up so there was a nice balance of flavor. The ramen crumble added a unique crunchy texture to everything

torafuku appetizer

FOB (Fresh off the Boat): You wouldn’t think you’d find a bowl of seafood Laksa in a Japanese restaurant since it’s a Malaysian dish but it was absolutely amazing. It was flavorful and full of all sorts of seafood including scallops, prawns, crab and salmon. I just love that they have such clever names for their dishes too

seafood laksa

The Crying Tiger: A new take on steak and veggies for sure. The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare and I thought that there would be more to the “crispy rice salad” but it was more like a bunch of veggies on the side of the plate.

torafuku steak

Magic Stick: Last but not least, there was dessert. This was a rich fudgy chocolate ganache with hazelnut feuilletine. Being that it’s a dessert, it was sweet enough to meet the title and the bitterness of the light matcha crumble on the end was a nice touch. And then to make it all the more decadent, creamy condensed milk ice cream was added and it was the best part of the whole dish especially when you get some of the matcha with it.

chocolate cake

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