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Tamam Palestinian Restaurant

January 21, 2015

This post contains a food first for me…because it was my first time eating Palestinian food! How absolutely exciting right?

Grayson and I have been passing by Tamam for the longest time and since he was FINALLY feeling adventurous one day, I was able to get him to go in with me.

tamam palestinian restaurant

At the door we were asked if we wanted to sit inside the restaurant or in the solarium. We ended up choosing to sit in the solarium despite it being gloomy outside because we’ve never sat in a spot like that before.

Upon being seated, our server asked if we wanted anything to drink. Typically we just go with waters but today we felt like tea so we got the lychee black tea and it was absolutely amazing! It was so aromatic and we almost felt as though the teapot was bottomless because we had so many cups of it!

tamam palestinian restaurant

Fish with mujadarah or freekeh and salad ($13.50): The fish that comes with this dish depends on whatever is the freshest or what they have in the kitchen. The fish I ended up having that day was trout. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned with rosemary, olive oil and lots and lots of lemon juice. I loved this fish so much that I wanted to recreate it when I got home!

The side salad was made up of spiralized pickled red cabbage and I couldn’t get enough of it. I LOVE anything sour and pickled so it was perfect for me!

tamam palestinian restaurant

Originally I ordered my fish with the Freekeh but our server got my order mixed up and ended up bringing my plate with the mujadarah instead. I told him that he got my order wrong and he happily brought me a helping of freekeh for me on another plate!

This was my first time having freekeh which is a green wheat and I actually quite enjoyed it. It resembled barley in shape and size but was a little but mushier.

tamam palestinian restaurant

Mujadarah with lamb roast ($11.50): Grayson can’t say no to lamb whenever it’s on the menu so he had to get it. He said that the cook on the lamb was a little hit and miss where some pieces were more tender than others. He said it was seasoned aggressively in a good way and like my fish, was heavy on the lemon (also in a good way).

The mujadarah is a rice pilaf style side dish with lentils mixed in between. It was also topped with caramelized onion. Since Grayson doesn’t like soft textured things, he was glad that he chose the mujadarah instead of the freekeh.

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