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Sushi garden

November 5, 2017

I haven’t dined at sushi garden for months because we usually get take out from here because we don’t like to wait in line. But, it was a quiet weekday afternoon so we decided to dine in instead.

I got the seafood salad ($6.95) I’ve never had this here before and was quite surprised by the amount of lettuce there was in the bowl. It also came with massago (roe), smoked salmon, imitation crab meat, tako (octopus) and sweet shrimp. I thought that the salad was quite substantial and it definitely filled me up as far as lunch goes…but I would probably have to order a roll with it if I was here for dinner. The only thing I would have to say is that the smoked salmon was cut really badly. It looked like it was mangled, butchered and torn apart. ):


Grayson got the yakiudon ($6.95) he said that the portion was smaller than he remembered and that their sauce for it probably changed because it wasn’t as good as the first few times he had it. The udon noodles still had a bite to them and the beef was tender. He liked the amount of veggies present but the green cabbage definitely could of been cut into smaller more uniform pieces…because it was a little difficult to eat since they were cut so big.


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