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Sushi california

May 10, 2017

I needed to run an errand in the Burquitlam area so Grayson and I ended up having dinner there as well. Like always, Grayson wanted to grab some sushi so we ended up going to Sushi California. Sushi california actually reminded me a bit of sushi town or nanaimo sushi because everything on the menu was quite affordable. In a way, they also reminded me of the eatery because they had a good amount of funky creative special rolls that I’ve never heard of before to choose from which was quite the treat.


The roll I was most excited about was the Box sushi ($4.95) because I’ve never had box sushi before and typically this style of roll can run upwards of $8! The roll was filled with scallop, a bit of furikake seasoning, and scallop then it was topped with smoked salmon, cooked shrimp and a slice of lemon. This was my favorite roll out of the three we ordered because it really highlighted the ingredients in it’s most natural state. There was no extra mayo or sauces to take away from it at all and I’m a sucker for that type of thing. Grayson didn’t like it as much as I did because he wasn’t a fan of the lemon or sour things in general but I happily ate the extra.


Since I got to pick the box sushi, I let Grayson pick the other two rolls. The first one he picked was the Las vegas roll ($3.95). I don’t really remember what was in the roll but I believe it was topped with spicy mayo, sesame seeds and tobiko and had a filling of sweet potato tempura, imitation crab, avocado and cucumber on the inside. Grayson adored the roll because there was a bit of everything in it. There was crunch from the tempura, creaminess from the avocado and a hint of spice from the mayo. He said that he’d probably get it again some time.


Next up we had the Yellow Town roll ($3.95) which was a roll with imitation crab, cucumber, and crispy tempura flakes on the inside then to make the roll all the more exciting, it was topped with a mix of mustard, mayo, onion and imitation crab meat. Apparently there was supposed to be smoked salmon and scallop in the roll as well but neither of us could find any. At first we found this roll to be interesting because of all the toppings it had but after a while the toppings got to be too much and all the flavors felt muddled. So we ended up having to remove some of it. We think that this roll was nice to try but it should probably be one that’s shared in a larger group because it does tend to feel a little heavy after a while. We actually had 3 people ask us what the roll was because everyone thought it looked super yum but of course to each their own opinion and we didn’t tell them how we felt about it.


Grayson wanted nigiri and I wanted sashimi so it only made sense for us to get the Sashimi/sushi combo ($9.30) to satisfy both our cravings. The combo came with 1 piece of ebi, tuna, salmon, hokkagai, and chopped scallop nigiri along with 2 pieces of salmon and tuna sashimi. Grayson enjoyed all his nigiris and even though he’s not a chopped scallop fan, he liked it quite a bit. To my surprise, he mentioned that he found the fish to be not as fresh as a few of the other places we’ve been to in the past. I guess my foodie critiques have been rubbing off on him….yay!


Even though the fish here isn’t as fresh as ones I’ve tried in the past else where, I don’t think too many points should be taken off for that considering the affordable pricing here (you get what you pay for right?). Plus, how could you hold them to the fish when you get such THICK SLICES of sashimi! I know I’m definitely going to order sashimi on it’s own next time!


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