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Sushi california

September 27, 2017

It’s been a while since Grayson and I visited Sushi California so we decided to go by the other night. Unfortunately, the visit was not as great as I wanted it to be.

I decided to try a new roll, the kabocha roll because i LOVE kabocha squash. What I got though was definitely NOT that. First of all, the “kabocha” was pale yellow…like sweet potatoes. Umm…kabocha is ORANGE. Second of all, there was a bunch of thousand island dressing in it. That was not on the menu and was completely unwarranted. So what happened was after trying to force three pieces down, I had Grayson finish the rest for me since he could tolerate it.

However, this meant that I would have to help him with his meal so I ended up eating quite a bit of the udon which was really worth it by the way since the huge bowl was only $6.50!

Then we “shared” the salmon sashimi which was me eating 4 pieces and him eating one since I ordered it. Don’t think I’m giving him the short end of the stick by eating more sashimi and making him eat my unwanted roll! I helped him with his udon after all 😉


Then last but not least, Grayson ordered the Bill’s roll which used to be his favorite roll to get if it’s offered on any menu. I’ve never actually tried it before but I was forced to have one since it’s only fair being that I gave him 5 pieces of my roll.

At the end of our meal Grayson looked at me and went “soo…we probably aren’t going to be back here any time soon right?” and I just went “yup.”

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