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Stephos and Ihop

January 9, 2014

Oh Stephos, how I adore this place so. I absolutely love this place for Greek food, and don’t mind waiting outside in the line at all for this level of deliciousness. Yup, just like Anton’s in Burnaby, Stepho’s has a line out the door on a regular basis and don’t take reservations. But trust me, it’s worth the wait, not to mention the lovely service staff!

I chose to get the charbroiled BBQ chicken ($11.45) which came with pita bread, greek salad, veggies, rice pilaf and roasted potatoes. Oh gosh was this a scrumptious meal. The chicken is just so moist and tender and the pilaf is wonderfully seasoned. My favorite part is the vege briami and I love mixing that in with my rice pilaf. This is my favorite dish to get here because it fills me up so much that I have to take half of it home and do you know what that means? I get to enjoy such goodness the next day for lunch! (:


I found this little guy so cute that I had to take a photo of it! Anyways, I’ve also tried the mousaka ($8.95) here before and I was only able to finish half of it. The potatoes and bechamel sauce is quite rich as well, so it makes for quite a heavy meal. I found a hard time finding the zucchini and egglant in it though which was disappointing because I do love my veggies.  The souvlaki is super yums here as well, with prices ranging from $7.95 for a small and $10.95 for a large, the meal’s practically a steal.


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I’ve never been to this Ihop because it has always been a little out of the way to go to this one especially when I live awfully close to the one at Brentwood. Anyway, for this Sunday brunch we ended up eating at Ihop because we were in the area in the morning. We ordered the breakfast sampler so that we could well, have a little bit of everything. It came with lovely fluffy buttermilk pancakes as well. We opted to have our eggs prepared scrambled and they didn’t disappointed because they were nice and light. Although the hash browns were prepared in a form of a hash, we didn’t mind because it was wonderfully crispy delicious. I’ve talked about the chicken and waffles before in my ihop-brentwood post so I won’t go on about that item here.


Lil’ bun and I shared the hearty ham and cheese omelette and were quite satisfied by the end of it. Normally I would pass on the cheese but lil’ bun loves her cheddar so I decided to leave it on. I honestly didn’t expect for this omelette to be so large in size when I ordered it but was glad to see that the portion was quite large. I mean, you always want to get the best bang for your buck right? Anyway, the omelette was filled with ham and cheesy goodness, I think if i didn’t take away my half of it to start, lil’ bun would of finished my half too!

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