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St. germain bakery

January 24, 2014

Even though lil’ bun and I had already made a cake for old bean’s birthday, mother deer decided to buy a cake for him anyways since we had our cake a few days before his birthday. This time we got the lemon berry cake from st. germain bakery. The cake was a little denser than most asian cakes in texture but it wasn’t too big of a deal because it still tasted alright. Although you’d expect that the berry might be overpowering, it really wasn’t and the lemon showed through quite nicely. Lil’ bun especially liked the white chocolate exterior shell around the cake because she found it fascinating and wondered how they ever put together such a thing. We’ve gotten cakes from here before but I think their standards have declined over the years because the quality of it wasn’t as great as they used to be.


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